Business Travel is On the Rise This Year

An additional 2 million business trips are expected to take place this year over last, due to a rebounding economy, cheaper fuel and a stronger dollar that are making corporate travel more of a bargain. More information here


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Apps That Can Help You Keep Track of Receipts

Most like to keep track of receipts when traveling for business. It can be a nuisance keeping track of the receipts themselves. Here are some alternatives. With an app called Shoeboxed you can photograph and categorize receipts. The app even exports the information to your budgeting software, like Excel or Quickbooks. You can also photograph receipts and then store those images in Dropbox. Evernote will allow you to scan and store receipts in one place.


Business Travel is Back, Perks are Not

Business travel spending and trips are both on the rise in the U.S. Businesses have boosted the number of trips their staffers take, yet employees say they still have to pinch pennies on the road. Coach is still king when it comes to flying and expense accounts remain tight. 

The Global Business Travel Association’s most recent business travel forecast for the USA predicted spending on business travel will rise 6.2% to $310.2 billion in 2015. Trips are predicted to inch up 1.7% to 490.4 million corporate treks. See more here.  

Transportation And Money: Business Travel Spending To Rise In 2015

Although many companies put the brakes on business travel in the wake of the recession, business travel has been on a roll for the past couple of years and is expected to rise 6.2 percent to $310.2 billion in 2015. Trips are going up, as well according to the GBTA Foundation, which estimates that there will be 490.4 million business related trips this year, up 1.7 percent. Lower oil prices are expected to lead to increased consumer spending therefore boosting the kind of economic projects that involve business travel. Click here for more details.


Business Trip: Travelling Professionals Prefer Working In Their Cars Over Trains Or Planes

A report published in Work, Employment, and Society has found that “significant variations” in noise and lack of space “inhibited people’s ability to work” on trains and planes. However, working conditions in a car were much more accommodating. Data notes that business travelers were most likely to work extensively in train carriages and sitting in their cars in service station car parks. See more here.  


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6 Amazing Business Travel Gadgets

Check out these 6 amazing business travel gadgets! They are designed to provide that extra edge you need to stay focused, charge up your devices, keep tabs on your email, and even protect your data from hackers.




Airlines Using Data to Reach Flyers in Real Time

New technologies for gathering and analyzing data are bringing significant changes to how airlines use their growing cache of personal information about passengers and how agents sell travel. Airlines are trying to differentiate themselves amongst competitors. They are tweaking the customer experience with tailor-made offers based on a combination of real-time and mined data. See more here

3 Corporate Event Trends for 2015

Social, local and mobile engagement will be key this year. The growing awareness of the effectiveness of face-to-face engagement and the large percentage of budget allocated for meetings, events and travel, will prove to make 2015 a milestone year in elevating these practices. Take a look at Successful Meetings breakdown here.