Airbnb Announced the Launch of a New Tool

Yesterday, Airbnb launched a new feature that allows users of its Airbnb Business Travel platform to book stays on behalf of others within their same company. The new service adds a whole new dimension to the way companies are able to book listings for all their business travel needs.

With the enhancement, travel arrangers, such as travel managers or executive assistants, will appear on a joint reservation where the future guest and both parties will be able to alter the stay as well as communicate with the host. Both the employee who is managing travel and the employee who is taking the trip can see the trip details, make changes to the reservation and message the Airbnb host with questions about the listing or neighborhood.

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10 Most Expensive Business Travel Cities in the U.S.

U.S. business travel is inexpensive compared to the rest of the world, but even a city like Hartford can get costly in a hurry.

London-based firm MVF Global and its U.S. Expert Market team compiled a list of the world’s most expensive cities for business travelers and U.S. cities failed to crack the Top 20. By their measure, only New York ($442.59 per day) and San Francisco ($444.66) cracked the Top 30.

While the average international trip cost U.S. businesses $2,525, the average cost of a domestic business trip in the United States was $990.Even Expert Market revealed that its U.S, team is able to make many more business trips in a year than the company’s staff in European markets, largely because of the lower costs. However, as the Business Travel News corporate travel index reveals, it isn’t exactly cheap to stay in popular U.S. business destinations, either — even when you sub in chain restaurants for pricier fare:

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10. Hartford, Conn.

American Will Make Preferred Seats Free for Corporate Travelers

All those seats that frequent-flyers can access for free—American Airlines plans to make them free to corporate customers, as well, via global distribution systems.

American eastern sales division managing director Jim Carter told BTN GDS subscribers will be able to access preferred seats—those aisle, window and forward-cabin seats that are upsold to layperson customers when they reach the seat-map page during the booking process—at no cost. This nod to corporate customers does not extend to American’s Main Cabin Extra seats, which offer extra pitch and legroom and typically occupy the first three or four rows of the main cabin.

Why is American making preferred seats free?
Any passenger with status already could access preferred seats for free, Carter acknowledged, but “it’s startling how many corporates don’t have status,” he said. And on American flights, those who don’t have frequent-flyer status and who don’t buy preferred seats don’t receive a seat assignment until they check in, he said. Considering U.S. carriers’ global load factor has risen from 77.6 percent in 2005 to 83.8 percent in 2015 and American’s has risen from 78.6 percent to 83.6 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, preferred seats may be the only way for main-cabin corporate customers to avoid the dreaded middle seat.
Despite all those packed planes and thus no trouble selling preferred seats, American claims simply to be giving corporates what already is theirs. “The expectation from our [corporate] customers is that [preferred seats] ought to be included in the seat assignment, and we agree,” Carter said.

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The Main Event: 5 Fundamentals Every Planner Must Know

Growing a successful event planning business is certainly not for the faint of heart. Mr. Larry White Sr., CEO and Founder of VIPeVENTS Concierge, @VIPConcierge_LW, an event planning and services company, specializes in providing his clients with an unforgettable experience that results in greater relationships, opportunities and revenues.

Mr. White shares key insights and essentials on how to host successful events and build sustainable relationships

1. Be intentional in deciding which community partners and corporate sponsors to connect with to foster mutually beneficial relationships

2. Know the target audience of your client

3. Have a strong social media presence. In order to fill seats at events, you must invest time, energy and resources into growing your online platforms

4. Establish a core leadership team

5. Attend networking events at least monthly or quarterly with a variety of corporate and outreach initiatives

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Business Travel Lags, While Meetings Keep Momentum

The U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Trends Index shows domestic business travel fell for the fourth straight month and is expected to underperform through summer. The latest quarterly Meetings Outlook from Meeting Professionals International, on the other hand, revealed seven of 10 respondents see “favorable” business conditions on the horizon.

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21 Life Hacks Every Business Traveler Needs To Know

Below is an infographic which looks at ‘21 life hacks every business traveler needs to know‘ and, to put it simply, it’s an invaluable resource for any entrepreneur. Everyone has to travel at some point when running a startup and, in most instances, anything which can help to reduce associated stresses and make the trip enjoyable should be greatly welcomed. For more, click here.


Would You Pay an Hourly Rate to Stay at This Airport Terminal Hotel?

If you’ve ever been stuck at an airport for a layover and wished you had a comfortable way to nap or unwind before your next flight, Yotel may have the solution.

Yotel, a luxury hotel chain, will soon open a new location at Terminal 2E in Paris’s Chatrles de Gaulle airport with modern amenities such as self-check in and check out stations. The Paris location is expected to open on July 1. The airport Yotel is intended for travelers with early flights or layovers, Buying Business Travel reports. Customers can rent a room for the night, but they also have the option of booking a room by the hour.

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Would You Pay an Hourly Rate to Stay at This Airport Terminal Hotel?

San Francisco again ranked most expensive US city for business travel

San Francisco has once again been ranked most expensive US city for business travel. But the big surprise in an annual study of hotel, rental car and dining prices is the ladder-climbing by Detroit.

The latest report by the trade publication Business Travel News, which measures prices paid by corporate travelers visiting the country’s 100 biggest cities, found that the fastest increase in hotel rates — 22.5 percent from 2014 to 2015 — was reported in Detroit, a sign perhaps that the Motor City is bouncing back from its 2013 bankruptcy.

Detroit’s average nightly hotel rate of $198 is still a bargain compared with San Francisco, the city with the highest corporate hotel rate of $370 a night.

Detroit’s average nightly hotel rate of $198 is still a bargain compared with San Francisco, the city with the highest corporate hotel rate of $370 a night.

When hotel and car rental rates and dining costs are added, San Francisco leads the country with business travelers paying a daily average of $547.

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