Getting Around New Orleans Will Be The “Big Not So Easy” During Super Bowl Week

New Orleans - CBD: Louisiana SuperdomeAs the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, along with their legions of fans, descend on New Orleans for the Super Bowl, the city has traffic advisories in effect.

Football game or not, business is still being conducted in the Crescent City, and BostonCoach wants you to be prepared. has a great set of maps to keep you up to speed on the latest road closures:

January 26 through February 1 Around The SuperDome

January 26 through February 1 Beyond The SuperDome

Travel smarter and safer!

How Google Helps Travelers Avoid The Flu Like The Plague

TherafluThere’s nothing worse than sitting in a long metal tube in which your fellow passengers are sneezing and coughing.

There is truly no escape, and it’s just a matter of time before you get sick.

This is the worst flu outbreak in 10 years. What can you do to avoid this epidemic?

You can drink tons of water and try not to touch anything in the plane, or you can try to avoid the situation altogether.

Google is giving travelers a way to be proactive in trying to avoid the flu. Flu trends gives you a global view of where influenza is wreaking havoc, and is updated more frequently than the CDC’s tracking site.

Unfortunately, the United States is in the throes of a full-blown flu-a-palooza. You can zoom in on the map and learn that over 70% of the country is listed as “intense,” even Hawaii.

If you get sick in paradise, you know things are bad. So if you are traveling domestically, try to push for a meeting on Skype — or start chugging chicken soup by the gallon.

The BostonCoach Mobile App Hits The Streets

Ever been waiting for your car service with no way to contact your driver? products-white-callouts

Wish you could track your driver on the way to pick you up? 

Need to change a reservation on the fly? 

Finally, a car-service mobile app designed for corporate travel. BostonCoach Mobile puts our worldwide fleet of thousands of vehicles at your fingertips.

Access your ride details, change reservations, track your chauffeur in real time:

  • Fast, easy reservation process
  • Book, change or cancel rides
  • Select pickup and drop-off locations visually, no typing
  • Locate your car and chauffeur with real-time GPS tracking
  • Get the name and mobile phone number of your chauffeur for upcoming rides
  • Schedule rides in advance; business can’t be at the whim of availability of on-demand services
  • Receive receipts automatically
  • See all past, present, future rides booked to your profile
  • Make payments via credit card or corporate account (fully compliant with corporate account policy and controls)

 Sound too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it; let BostonCoach Mobile users tell you themselves:

“I used the app several times, and the booking process was extremely straightforward and fast.  I especially like being able to schedule a reliable ride in advance.”-Theatre designer, New York City

“The app was set up nicely, and it memorized the locations set up in my profile, which was helpful. It was also easy to figure out how to select common destinations, like the airport, for example.”- Healthcare executive, Boston

Download BostonCoach Mobile for iPhone & iPad today!

Travel easier.

Too Many Gadgets May Weigh You Down On The Road

my-laptop-bag-work-version_mWhen you’re are a road warrior, it’s essential to be a lean mean corporate machine.

The smarter you pack, whether it’s your stable of power suits or your tech devices, the less time you’ll spend in the airport waiting for your bags or tracking down misplaced devices.

Wouldn’t you rather spend this “extra” time prepping for your critical business meeting or catching your breath?

If so, it’s time to streamline.

Do you really need multiple smartphones, an iPad & and a laptop?

How about all the aforementioned gadgets’ chargers, adapters and cases?


BostonCoach Friday Finds for 1/25/13: The BEST Business Travel News of the Week

Smallboston-coach-logo[1]Every Friday the BostonCoach blog scours the World Wide Web for the BEST business travel tips and news of the week. This corporate travel advice column covers everything from where to take your clients to eat to which airlines are going the extra mile for you to countless other ways to make your life on the road EASIER.

In this edition: Find Your Seat Easier, More Airline Fees for 2013, & New Cadillac Sedans Offered by BostonCoach

Seatguru’s Intelligent Flight SearchTravel and Leisure

Everyone’s favorite airline seat-map compendium, Seatguru, has just upped the ante with a newly redesigned site that’s more user-friendly and—drumroll—includes flight search functionality for the first time. Though the service is in beta (it still has some kinks to work out), it’s already proving to be a refreshingly smart addition to the world of airfare search.

 The coming airline fees every traveler should know about in

Rather than unleash a bunch of new services, the biggest upcoming airline-fee trend globally in 2013 is that airlines will begin bundling five or ten services at a time, and giving travelers the choice of picking two or three at a discount, says Carrie DeMoss, manager of product strategy at Airline Tariff Publishing Co. (ATPCO), the airline-owned fare-data clearinghouse.

 Cadillac XTS Sedan Gets Good Progress Report From

Cadillac’s new generation luxury sedan has made strong first impressions on Boston Coach clients and chauffeurs alike during its first few months on the road.

Employees Not Catching Enough Z’s Costing U.S. Companies Billions

tired-worker[1]Feeling sluggish? Has your FIFTH cup of coffee worn off already? Are you starting to resemble an extra in a zombie movie? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’d better get more rest, because you might be costing your company money due to lack of productivity.

The Wall Street Journal’s story on workforce sleep deprivation may keep you awake at night (pun intended).

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 40.6 million American workers, or 30% of the civilian workforce, don’t get enough rest. And the Harvard scientists estimated in 2011 that sleep deprivation costs U.S. companies $63.2 billion in lost productivity per year, mainly because of “presenteeism,” people showing up for work but operating at subpar levels. One example, from a separate team at Singapore Management University: Workers waste an extra 8.4 minutes online—checking email, refreshing the home page, and so on—for every hour of interrupted sleep the previous night.”

Employers are beginning to realize that lack of rest not only affects productivity, but also customer service. Workers tend to project their “grumpiness” and frustration onto the company’s clients.

“If we treated machinery like we treat the human body, there would be breakdowns all the time,” said James Maas, a former Cornell University psychologist and author of “Sleep for Success.”

Corporations like Proctor & Gamble and Litebook Company Ltd. are trying to help the sleep-deprived workforce.

P&G is in the planning stages of instituting a program in “rest education.” Litebook offers products that help regulate the body’s melatonin levels. Currently, the NHL uses this technology to help athletes cope with jet lag and fatigue.

So what is your company doing to help you get more rest?

Protect Your Work “Home”: Ways To Keep Your Laptop Safe On The Road

laptop-lock-100022488-large[1]Your work laptop is a precious as your home. Your work “home” is full of valuable, irreplaceable things. Sensitive files, client presentations and contact information that if stolen could put your career back months or even years.

You lock your doors and install alarms at your home to prevent theft of your personal items.

So why not lock down your work “home”?

PC World has a list of MUST DO’s to protect your laptop:

1. Lock The Front Door-change your password

2. Encrypt Your Data-protect your sensitive files

3. Use A VPN On Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks-don’t open yourself up to online theft

4. Install Preyways to track your stolen laptop

5. Consider A Remote Data Deletion Service-remove sensitive information via the internet

6. Follow Good Physical Security Practices-physically lock your laptop down

This are all great preventive measures to take in protecting your work “home”.

Make your laptop as formidable as Fort Knox because your business data is worth it’s weight in gold.

When Is The Last Time You Took A Bleisure Trip?

travelblend_FORWEB-318x318Well before you can answer this question, you may want to know what a Bleisure trip actually is. No the “B” is not silent and it’s not a typo even though I have fingers the size of tree trunks.

According to Collins dictionary the definition of Bleisure is as follows:

The blurry line between business and leisure trips; the office sends you to Scotland, for example, and you invite your spouse along to get the most out of your corporate-paid hotel room, etc.

Why not right?

You just spent three days pounding the convention center floor in Vegas (if you even knew you were in Vegas) and you need to re-charge your battery. Why not stay an extra day or two relaxing by the pool with your spouse or making friends with the black jack dealer?

The flight is already paid for right?

And according to the Globe And Mail, flying home on a Tuesday or Wednesday is less expensive:

Prices on these two days can be up to 25 per cent lower than airfares for departures on Friday or Sunday.

See you are being a good employee by choosing a less expensive flight….everyone wins. You can get a needed respite and your company saves some valuable travel budget.

All you need to do is reschedule the car service and front a few extra nights stay. Most hotels will probably lock in you in at the rate your company received for the event or you can cash in your king’s ransom of points.

No major blow to your wallet right?

So what are you waiting for?

Tack on a few extra days in Chicago or Madrid because as a road warrior you DESERVE it.

The Not So Dynamic Duo: Storms & Air Travel, Trying To Outwit The Weather

travel_insuranceSevere weather are two words no business traveler wants to hear as a trip looms.

Storms and flying go together like oil and water. They are a match not made in heaven.

Snow, heavy rain and wind can get anyone’s blood boiling, but instead of saying why me….try to outwit the weather.

Fox Business has outlined ways to be proactive when it comes to a severe weather event:

Before the storm: Follow airlines on Twitter. When a large storm is forecasted, many airlines waive fees to rebook your flight if you’re traveling within or to an affected area. A quick, easy way to find out if your airline has started offering waived fees for weather-related flight changes is to follow them on Twitter – you’ll get the news immediately and be able to rebook ahead of the crowds.

During the storm: Don’t head for the airport. Unless you like waiting in lines and possibly sleeping in the terminal, check your flight status and airport status before you make your way to the airport. It’s safer to stay where you are and manage travel disruptions from a more comfortable place (that hopefully has electricity and an Internet connection), either over the phone or via the Web.

After the storm: Reassess travel options. If it’s going to take longer for the airport to clean up after the storm and reopen than it is for you to hop on a train or rent a car to get to your destination, it’s worth weighing your options. (If the airline cancelled your flight, you can request your money back since they can’t charge you for a service not provided.)

These flying commandments are keys to stay sane during a stressful & stormy time. Remember you have ZERO control over Mother Nature, but you do have the control over how you deal with it.

You can take the bull by the horns or let the plethora of black colds rain on your parade.

Business Networking In The Air, Tips To Make Connections Across The Aisle

bustravel_thinkstockTraveling on a plane is not the most enjoyable thing in the world, unless you make it ENJOYABLE. There are ways to get your mind off how much leg room you DON’T have or the crying baby that you CAN’T make go back to sleep. You could read the latest air mall magazine, play angry birds, stare at your offline email or branch out.

Branch out?

Branch out and meet your seatmate next to you or across the aisle. An airplane is one of the most confined social/business networks you can encounter. You just NEVER know who you are going to meet , unless you break the ice.

Financial Post has the stats to back this up:

Nearly 90% of the small business people who responded says networking had led to “at least some” new business and 30% says it resulted in “a lot” of new clients for their company. What’s more, formal networking events were frequently not the source of these new contacts. Instead, business people say they connected in a range of places, including the gym, restaurants and bars, with 17% specifically mentioning airplanes.

How do you get the conversation flowing?

Take a gander what your seatmate is reading or ask some investigative/getting to know you questions such as why he/she is going to destination X.

However, air networkers BEWARE….

Your fellow travelers may or may not be open to making “new friends” or business contacts.

Michael Hughes, Canada’s networking guru, warns “Launching into a three-hour sales pitch will drive your fellow passenger crazy and likely do more harm than good. “Like it or not, you’re sitting next to that person for the entire time. That means you have to be aware of the signals your seat-mate sends,” Mr. Hughes says. “If you make a friendly comment and the book goes up, the head phones go on, or you get a one-word answer, it’s time to leave that person alone.”

So pick your spots wisely and bow out graciously if your seatmate isn’t looking to be “Chummy”.

But remember the risk is well worth the REWARD. You never know where a conversation on a flight to Topeka may lead….