BostonCoach Launches “Ride Is On The Way” Text Confirmations

Phone_angle_2When you travel with BostonCoach, you can now get “ride-is-on-the-way” confirmations by text.

All you have to do is subscribe by texting Coach Y to 878787 from the mobile number you have on file in your BostonCoach profile.

Whether you choose texting or stick with email, we’re also including your chauffeur’s name and phone number in these confirmations whenever it’s available. So if you have trouble locating your chauffeur, you can reach them faster by contacting them directly.

Event Planning Survival Guide: Four Top Tips

EventkeyboardMediumPlanning a major event like a conference or company meeting can be stressful. There is NO room for error, and you need to have a backup plan for your backup plan. Help yourself survive with these tried-and-true tips:

1. Think Outside The Box

Remember that it’s all about content and location.It’s vital that you keep attendees engaged; if you lose their attention/interest, you’re doomed. So forget the stuffy, dark conference center; change it up a little! Make the experience enjoyable and memorable.

2. Keep Costs Down

Thinking creatively is fine, but you also need to be conscious of cost. If you’re holding your event at an expensive destination venue, be sure to save in other places like food and beverage. Develop a relationship with the venue’s staff and work together on getting the best possible deal. Every penny counts.

3. Have A Checklist

Be sure to write down everything that is critical to the success of the event. Too much information is NEVER enough.

4. Leave Your Customers With A Smile

No matter how bad a day you’re having, you should NEVER show it. When something goes wrong — and it will — just take a deep breath, assess the situation and tackle the problem. Your clients will appreciate your hard work even if the end result is not ideal.

Event marketing is survival of the fittest. Following these tips will lower your stress level and make your event go more smoothly.

BostonCoach Smart Systems: Your Travel Compliance Watchdog

Doberman Seriously Considering...If you’re a travel or procurement manager, it’s a good bet you spend some time on compliance — making sure only authorized employees use your company’s providers, and that even approved travelers provide required information like cost center or department code.

BostonCoach Smart Systems let you automate that process. You simply provide us with the names of your approved travelers and a set of rules they have to adhere to, and we’ll make sure only authorized employees book rides to your company’s account — and that they provide all the required information.

Smart Systems track all rides, whether they’re booked by phone, through our website or mobile app, or through a travel agent or CBT. If the criteria don’t match, the booking is flagged and the reservation does not go through. With Smart Systems, you can identify compliance issues at the best possible time: before they happen.

The Road Warrior’s Guide To Slaying The Jet Lag Dragon

Dragon (PSF)Business travel is a necessary evil in today’s corporate world. A traveler’s body and mind take a beating both mentally and physically. For road warriors, the Jet Lag Dragon is always lurking in the shadows, slowing you down.

Studies have been conducted proving that extensive traveling impacts your job performance:

The business travelers showed reduced mental capacity, diminished communication skills, decreased ability to concentrate and engage others, reduced tolerance levels and an increased risk of ill health. It corroborated earlier research by Mark Rosekind, the former director of NASA’s fatigue countermeasures program who is now a member of the National Transportation Safety Board. The average executive’s productivity and performance while traveling drops up to 20 percent, largely because of insufficient sleep, according to Dr. Rosekind’s research.

Be proactive as you prep for your next business trip with these helpful tips:

  • Go to sleep earlier (or later) a few days prior to your trip. It will help your body adapt to the new time zone.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine before bed.

While you are on your flight, be sure to follow this advice:

  • Stay hydrated; drink as much water as you can.
  • Get comfortable. Bring along a C-shaped pillow if you have one, and take off your shoes to improve circulation.
  • Nap when you can.

When you arrive at your destination, be sure to get some exercise, avoid alcohol and nicotine, relax and get your rest.

Taking these measures will improve your performance, productivity and health — and help you slay the Jet Lag Dragon once and for all.

How FAA Budget Cuts Will Impact Business Travelers

Travelling The World For A WhileIf you think business travel is challenging now, fasten your seat belts. Federal budget cuts will wreak havoc on the country’s airports by reducing the number of air traffic controllers and TSA personnel.

From Business Travel News:

Those cuts include about $600 million from FAA’s fiscal year 2013 expenditures. FAA on Friday indicated that it was preparing to shutter as soon as April more than 100 air traffic control facilities at small airports, cut overnight shifts at more than 60 additional airport control towers, reduce “preventive maintenance and support for all air traffic control equipment,” and furlough through the end of the fiscal year most of its 47,000 employees “for approximately one day per pay period.”

BostonCoach’s Lissa Chavarria Stays Sane By Staying Organized

IMG_9817Position with BostonCoach: Events Manager

Years of service with BostonCoach: 15

Location: Everett, Massachusetts

How did you get started with BostonCoach? 

I was referred by a friend over 15 years ago. She knew I was looking to move on from my current position, and said that BostonCoach was a great company to work for. I’ve held positions in the call center, accounts receivable, dispatch, client relations and now events, which has given me great experience in all aspects of our business.

What do you do to make sure every client has a great experience?

I have to be very proactive, detail-oriented and organized. You need to be organized in this position or you will get lost very quickly. My clients count on me to make sure transportation for their event goes smoothly; there’s no room for error.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people I work with. They are truly like family to me. It’s great to get up every morning and look forward to going to work. We’re not just co-workers and employees, we’re friends and family. Also, being in events, it’s a new thing every day and I love that as well.

What’s your most memorable experience at BostonCoach?

Just recently Boston was hit by a blizzard. As soon as the traffic ban was lifted, my client needed transportation (12 cars) coordinated for his daughter’s 30th birthday. I was managing his event until two in the morning. It was a challenge with the weather, but we made it work. The greatest sense of gratification is when a client thanks you — in this case, in the form of flowers. It’s also great when your co-workers recognize you for hard work.


I am a mom of two boys. My downtime is spent with them. They play basketball, baseball and football so I am definitely a “sports mom.”

No matter how many details she has to juggle, Lissa makes sure her clients’ projects stay on track. Her work ethic and commitment have earned her the trust and respect of colleagues and customers alike.



BostonCoach Weather Advisory: Snow To Hit Kansas City & Chicago

400x266_02251025_page-1[1]A blizzard is expected to cripple the plains on Monday & the remnants of the storm will hit Chicago on Tuesday.

Expect flight and ground transportation delays.

Timeline of the storm according to


Communities from the Texas panhandle to Missouri are bracing for an immobilizing blizzard to kickoff the workweek on Monday.Evolving from the snowstorm delivering a fresh 6-12 inches to Denver to close out the weekend, the blizzard begun taking shape from the Texas panhandle to southwestern Kansas Sunday night.

Metros To Be Affected:

Kansas City



Tuesday will still be a brisk and cold day in Chicago with the snow potentially reducing visibility enough to lead to flight delays and cancellations. The ripple-effect from problems at the airports in Chicago may then impact airline passengers elsewhere across the United States. Three to six inches of snow falling during the daylight hours at a light to moderate rate in late February when temperatures are close to freezing will typically accumulate heavier on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Metros To Be Affected:


Be sure to call your airline for flight information

If you have a ride booked with BostonCoach, please call at 800-672-7676 for weather delay updates.

BostonCoach’s Biz Travel App Pick of the Week: Whats Near Me PRO

imgresCorporate travelers crave anything that can make their hectic lives on the road easier. Nowadays it’s more than likely that an app is out there to ease their travel tensions.

BostonCoach’s Biz Travel App Pick of the Week:  Whats Near Me PRO

On a business trip when time is a premium, What Near Me PRO is worth far more than its $1.99 price. This app puts the power in your hands to navigate and find the points of necessity in a just a tap of your smartphone.

CNN Money:

Simplicity reigns here: Open the app. It pulls your location from the phone’s GPS. Tap the category you want — coffee shop, gas station, ATM, etc. — and it maps a variety of options nearby. The list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s solid and it’s fast.

This is how it works:

This application uses the in-build GPS in the iPhone to find your current location and plots pointers as overlays on a map to show points of interest in the vicinity of your current location. The application is highly customizable and the user can add and save his/her own search terms for future use. Find Near Me also tells you how far the search and location is from your current position.

Check out Whats Near Me PRO and travel easier.

BostonCoach Friday Finds for 2/22/13: The BEST Business Travel News of the Week

BostonCoach RGB Logo_180x180@72Every Friday the BostonCoach blog scours the World Wide Web for the BEST business travel tips and news of the week. This corporate travel advice column covers everything from where to take your clients to eat to which airlines are going the extra mile for you to countless other ways to make your life on the road EASIER.

In this edition: What to eat on the red-eye, airline seats from the future, how to get action at your event, getting fit for the road and travelers left half a million of dollars at security.

Things to eat and drink when taking a red-eye (and 6 things to avoid) – Fox News

Taking a red-eye flight definitely has its advantages: flying overnight means that you don’t lose a day traveling, which means more time to see everything your destination has to offer (or that you can extend your trip to the last moment). But nothing puts a damper on a trip faster than jet lag.

9 Ways to Get Some Action at Your Next Event – Busy Event

As an event professional you know how important Return on Investment, better known as ROI, is. You also know how hard it is to measure and most importantly, you know that the success of your event depends on every participant (attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and others) getting what they came for. And you’re aware that many metrics you look at may not even be the best ROI indicators.

Travelers left more than $500,000 at airport checkpoints last year, TSA keeps the change – NBC News

Frazzled and forgetful passengers left more than a half million dollars in spare change in the plastic bowls and bins at airport security checkpoints last year.

Adding Fitness to Your Itinerary  NY Times

According to a Columbia University study of 13,000 workers two years ago, people who are away from home 20 nights a month had poorer health on a number of measures, including higher rates of obesity, compared with those away for 1 to 6 nights.

The airline seats of the future: Mesh lounge chairs, personal overhead bins –

With AirGo, Yaghoubi said, every passenger has a minimum personal space which cannot be occupied when other passengers recline their seat. The screen and the tray table are now under the passenger’s full control. The seat pitch has been increased to 41 inches, but has been designed in a way to occupy floor space minimally.

On The Road With BostonCoach’s Jean Conde

IMG_9718Years of service with BostonCoach: 13

Location: Everett, Massachusetts

How did you get started with BostonCoach? 

I was recruited through my church back in 1999. I had been a taxi driver for three years, so this was a perfect fit for me. I started as a chauffeur, driving sedans, then made the transition to vans. I then decided to pursue my commercial driver’s license (CDL), which allowed me to drive buses. BostonCoach provided the training I needed, and I have been shuttling Fidelity employees to and from work ever since.

What do you do to make sure every client has a great experience?

“Always have a smile” is my motto. I always make sure to greet my passengers with a simple “Good morning” and wish them “Good night” when I drop them off at the end of the day. It’s all about the little personal touches.

What do you enjoy most about being a driver?

I really like driving. And with a regular route, I always know what to expect. It’s great to have a personal connection with your passengers; they all know me by name.

What’s your most memorable experience as a BostonCoach driver?

BostonCoach is a good place to work. Everyone is so friendly; it’s a family atmosphere. And as the day winds down, I often find myself in a one-on-one conversation with the last remaining passenger. That’s what makes every day memorable.

What’s your advice to new drivers?

Take your job seriously. Be sure to be friendly, focused and professional to your customers. It’s all about that personal connection.

Best tip for everyday drivers:

Being a bus driver, I know how aware and careful you have to be when you are backing up. Most accidents occur when you are going in reverse. Be sure to always check for traffic behind you and be extra-cautious regarding your blind spots. Being thorough and safe has paid off for me; I’m approaching 30,000 hours without an accident. *Knocks on wood*

Family facts/favorite hobbies:

I like to spend time with my wife and my two boys, who aren’t really boys anymore; they’re 21 and 19 years old. And my father sometimes visits me from Florida.

After meeting Jean, it’s easy to understand why he loves his job and why he’s so highly thought of by colleagues and passengers alike. We are glad to have him as part of the BostonCoach family.