American Airlines Gives iPads to Pilots (VIDEO)

American Airlines 767-200 N324AAIf you have an iPad or tablet, you know how great it is for travel. You can bring it everywhere, it keeps the kids entertained for hours, and it makes a long flight go by quicker.

Now passengers aren’t the only ones with these devices. American Airlines pilots are using them as well, replacing some 40 pounds of flight manuals and printed documents they used to carry with them on every flight.

From Gadling:

To get that approval, American had to have the iPad tested in a hypobaric chamber to simulate how the device would handle during a rapid decompression. They also had to arrange for mount testing with the FAA, which is ironic since our manuals weigh far more than the iPad and aren’t secured in place. Many takeoffs have resulted in a book or two sliding off the side table and onto the floor.

Bet you’re wondering if the pilots have to shut their iPads off during takeoff. We doubt it.

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