Safety First Is the Rule for All BostonCoach Chauffeurs

Limousine with driverBostonCoach believes in safety first for all of our clients. Our training program, which includes over 50 hours of classroom and road instruction, is the most rigorous in the industry. Our chauffeurs are trained according to the Smith System® 5 Keys.

Smith System is the leading provider of collision avoidance driver training. The 5 Keys are as follows:

  1. Aim High In Steering – Looking further ahead than other drivers
  2. Get The Big Picture – Seeing more around you than other drivers
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving – Being more aware than other drivers
  4. Leave Yourself An Out – Maintain better positioning in traffic than other drivers
  5. Make Sure They See You – Making yourself more visible than other drivers

These basic principles of being aware of your surroundings and thinking ahead dramatically cuts down on road incidents.

BostonCoach takes great pride in the “safety first” mentality and professionalism of our chauffeurs and drivers.

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