BostonCoach’s Linda Capo Braves Blizzards to Get Her Job Done

Linda CapoPosition with BostonCoach: Accounts Payable Specialist

Years of service with BostonCoach: 17

Location: Everett

How did you get started with BostonCoach?
I knew someone who worked in the events department at the time, and she told me BostonCoach was hiring. It worked out for both of us — she got a referral bonus and I got a job! I started as a customer service agent. After working in that department for two years, I moved into the billing department. I’d been working there for about two years when I was asked to learn a completely different job — accounts payable — so that I could cover when the woman in that department went on maternity leave. That three-month period of coverage turned into what I have been doing for the last 13 years.

What do you do to make sure every client has a great experience?
I always try and respond to an email within an hour of receiving it, with either an answer to the inquiry or a time frame of when I’ll respond.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Routine. I love knowing exactly what needs to be done when I walk in the door each day. I also enjoy BostonCoach as a whole, it’s a great company to work for.

What’s your most memorable experience at BostonCoach?
I will never forget the blizzard of ’97. I came in for my morning shift and by the time I left here, it was two days later and I had worked in affiliate relations, automated reservations, fleet control and the call center, helping cover for the people who couldn’t make it in. I couldn’t leave the building, because the snow was piled 3-4 feet high and my car was buried.

Personal / hobbies:
I have a daughter who will be 21 in August. I never thought I could be as proud of anyone as I am of her. Every day she makes me laugh, surprises me and impresses me with how strong and committed she is in everything she does. I also have two dogs who I can’t imagine my life without. Anyone who knows me knows they are my fur babies, and I treat them like my kids.

I have a little photo studio set up in my house and I take pictures as often as I can. I like to take pictures of my friends and their kids for their Christmas cards, family group photos, that kind of thing. I also go on site to take pictures of memorable occasions so the families can enjoy the get-together without having to worry about capturing the memories themselves (I did a 100th birthday party recently and it was so much fun!). I really enjoy photographing food too.

Linda’s dedication to her job is apparent in everything she does. Those who work with her are continually appreciative of her attention to detail and can-do attitude.

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