Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News of the Week

fridayfinds_laptopEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: the top 10 business airlines, the inside scoop on why international travelers are avoiding US airports, how technology can improve travel, and more!

Heathrow Promises a Quieter RunwayBuying Business Travel

Airlines flying from Heathrow are set to be ranked publicly on how much noise they create, according to new plans by the airport.

Top 10 Business AirlinesFox News

Read on to discover which airlines really mean business when it comes to giving their business class passengers the top-tier treatment.

Cockpit Confidential: Why International Business Travelers Avoid U.S. AirportsParade

The U.S. may have pioneered commercial aviation, but today the crossroads of global air commerce are places like Dubai, Istanbul, Seoul, and Bangkok. These are the places with the best airports, the fastest-growing airlines, and the most convenience for travelers.

IATA Tracking Mixed Global Air Traffic TrendsBusiness Travel News

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global passenger traffic results for April showing a 3.2% increase in demand over the previous April.

How technology can make traveling smarter and safer by 2025Silicon Republic

According to the World Economic Forum, these solutions based on current technology could improve the safety and efficiency of future travel.

Terminal angst virtually

Lessen the hassle of airports and air travel by embracing technology.



BostonCoach Presents GNED Keynote Speaker: Gini Courter

Gini CourterThis year, BostonCoach is not only attending the GNED Annual Meeting and Conference, we’re also a sponsor. In fact, Peter Cassidy, Vice President of Sales, is introducing this year’s keynote speaker, Gini Courter.

Gini Courter is a leader, author, consultant, facilitator, and public speaker with over 20 years experience leading seminars for public and private companies, state and federal agencies, educational institutions and non-profits. She is uniquely skilled in Microsoft SharePoint since the product’s launch in 2001 and has been teaching people how to use Microsoft products for many years. Gini is known for her inspiring public speaking abilities and her commitment to helping people increase efficiency, quality, and productivity in their workplaces.

In addition to authoring 29 Books, including Beginning SharePoint with Excel, Gini is founder and managing partner of TRIAD Consulting and she creates courses on

The administrative professionals attending this year’s Annual Meeting & Conference are in for a treat. You can learn more about her on and be sure to follow her on Twitter @GiniCourter and @Gini4Tips connect with Gini on LinkedIn and on her Facebook Page.

What would you ask Gini?


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Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News of the Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: supersonic airplanes, a preview of what to expect at GBTA 2013, which apps young entrepreneurs love, how hotels can help women, and more!

Is Supersonic Business Travel In Your Future?Forbes
Can traveling faster than the speed of sound be business travel’s next innovation?

The Pros and Cons of Google Glass for Business TravelEntrepreneur
Does this new technological eyewear help business travelers?

4 Ways Hotels Can Cater to Women Business Travelers Amadeus
Women comprise nearly half of all business travelers and tend to have more anxiety about traveling than men. Here are four ways hotels can put female travelers’ minds at ease.

12 Top Apps for Business TravelYEC
See which apps young entrepreneurs recommend for business travelers.

GBTA Announces Speaker Lineup for Luminaries of Travel CEO PanelTravel Pulse
We’re looking forward to heading to San Diego for this year’s GBTA conference. See who they’ve lined up for their CEO Panel on August 6.

GBTA Europe Conference 2013 to Focus on DistributionBuying Business Travel
Speaking of GBTA, take a look at what’s planned for this year’s European conference.

BostonCoach’s JJ Gallant Has All The Right Ingredients


Position with BostonCoach: Client Development Representative

Years with BostonCoach: Almost 3

Location: Everett, MA

What’s your professional background? How did you get started with BostonCoach?
I’ve always been a natural salesperson — even back in junior high and high school I did really well with fundraisers. Sales is something I know I can do. Before I started here at BostonCoach, I had a pretty extensive sales background as well as a hospitality background from working in hotels and restaurants. When I moved back east in 2003, I got a sales job with a wholesale seafood company and ended up working there for five years. Then the economy hit bottom and everything changed. Around that time, I was really trying to find a sales position that was a fit for me; I didn’t want to take just any position. Because if a company invests in me, I will give them results.

In fact, right before I started at BostonCoach, I got another offer that I was going to take. But I just had a better feeling about BostonCoach. So I was dying to get an offer here instead. Sure enough, BostonCoach called me the day before I started at the other job. Things fell into place and I’m glad I made the choice.

What do you do here at BostonCoach? What’s your role like?
My goal is to find new prospects and companies we aren’t working with, and sign them up. I also work with current clients in order to find new opportunities at their companies. But it’s the new customers that are the hardest to get. That challenge really motivates me. This job takes someone who can hear “no” and not care. I’m known for my persistence.

What do you do to make sure every client or customer has a great experience?
Active listening. It may seem like a sales cliché, but it makes sense. When it comes to dealing with an issue, concern or question, you have to understand what the problem really is. I often say “What I’m hearing is this…” because I’ve learned how to listen and repeat back what I think is going on. When I worked in hospitality, I learned how to deal with the angriest customers and learned that sometimes people just want to scream and yell and throw a fit. I don’t experience that here, but when there is any sort of incident, we resolve it. I offer empathy and sometimes act as a buffer to try to figure out exactly what’s going on.

It’s like playing the Telephone Game, when you hear a story retold many different ways and you’re trying to get a clear understanding of what’s going on. But I’m good at talking to people. When speaking with clients or customers, I always guarantee that their issue will be resolved. It’s all about getting things done.

I prefer the phone to email. Talking is a much better way to communicate than the written word. Sometimes emotion can be misconstrued in text. It’s always good to actually have a conversation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
First, I like the people here at BostonCoach. Everybody here is great to work with; it’s a good group of people. I think the second thing I like is the work-life balance. The culture here and our CEO, Larry Moulter, really allow for that balance. I don’t feel like I’m on the clock 24-7, and I have definitely felt that way at other jobs. I like that when I go home, I’m not thinking about work and waking up and having the same nightmare, like when I worked in hospitality. But it’s not that stressful here — I like that.

What’s your most memorable experience at BostonCoach?

There are three that stand out:

  • A few years ago, we had a big sales & marketing meeting where all our regional sales directors came to Boston. Our SVP at the time suggested everyone do a video or skit relating to BostonCoach. My group did a video about the corporate office in Boston where we worked. It came out really funny, and we won first prize. A sense of humor is a huge part of my everyday life and I definitely try to bring that to work.
  • Last year riding in the Pan-Mass was great — all of the philanthropy we do here at BostonCoach. We give back to so many different causes and every year we do one major cause. The Pan-Mass ride was especially meaningful to me because my parents are cancer survivors. Being part of the team was a great experience. This year we are doing Bike MS.
  • Another memorable experience was a company breakfast we had celebrating the history of BostonCoach. The CEO and I cooked omelets for everyone — we had a whole station set up. I made home fries and prepped everything beforehand at home. It was great because I got to use my restaurant experience and actually saved the company $2,000. For me, it was another way to get people together and I was able to contribute as someone who works in sales but has other things to offer the team.

What do you do outside of work?
I have all sorts of things going on. I golf a lot. Sometimes I golf with people from work. I have some real estate projects — I manage a few properties and acquire more properties when I can. It’s a good time to be doing that since the market’s bouncing back. And I really love doing dinner parties and cooking for big groups. Even though I don’t want to do it for work, I’m still passionate about food and hospitality. I’ve gained so much knowledge that I can whip up practically anything you want to eat — and you will love how I make it.

What do you think would surprise people about BostonCoach?
I think people would be surprised at how real the executives are. You can basically stroll into any office and have a conversation. Even the top-level people are always approachable. At some companies, you’d never speak to the CEO, but it’s a much different culture here. You feel like you’re on the same team with everyone, from the senior managers to the drivers.

Anything else you’d like to share?
I am not on Facebook — it’s my goal to be the last human without a Facebook account. I like effective, necessary communication. I’m on the phone all day long but I don’t like to call just to chat with people. I’m not that guy. There’s got to be a reason to have a conversation.

BostonCoach “Driven” to Support Bike MS

BikeMS1On June 29 BostonCoach will participate in the largest Bike MS event in New England, the Cape Cod Getaway. The 10-member BostonCoach cycling team, Driven to Ride, will start at UMass Boston in Dorchester and cycle 100 miles to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Bourne on Cape Cod. Twenty BostonCoach volunteers and other supporters will meet our riders at the finish to celebrate their accomplishment together with other cycling teams. We are in the process of training for the ride and raising money for the cause.

“At BostonCoach, giving back brings us together,” says CEO Larry Moulter. “This year we’re supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which raises awareness and funds MS research that leads to treatment, services, and hopefully one day a cure. Our team has already raised thousands, and we look forward to riding in this event and supporting this great cause.”

For the past 30 years, the nationwide cycling event Bike MS has raised more than $1 billion for research and support services for patients with multiple sclerosis. MS is a degenerative neurological disease that affects over 2 million people worldwide, including members of the BostonCoach family. While several promising treatments have been developed, there is no cure.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit the BostonCoach Bike MS page.

9 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Car Service

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy to remind us of what’s really important, and why we’ve set some of the goals and priorities we have. The recent limousine fire in San Francisco is an example of such a tragedy, one that hits close to home for us at BostonCoach. Our thoughts go out to all of those involved.

Whether you’re looking for an airport transfer, event transportation or car service for a single executive, safety should be your foremost concern. We want you to know that it’s ours, too. To help consumers choose car-service providers who emphasize safety, we’ve compiled a list of questions we think every customer should ask before they book car service.

We hope that by sharing these tips, we can help empower customers to expect, and receive, more from their ground transportation provider.

Here are 9 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Car Service:


Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News of the Week

bostoncoach_findsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: great travel tips for executives, business meetings in airports, the future of business travel, and more!

14 Things Successful People Do On Weekends
– Forbes
Want to be a success? Borrow these tips from some very successful folks to make the most of your weekends.

Breaking Through: Travel Tips for executives – USA Today
Watch this video for some great tips on traveling simpler and smarter.

4 happy ways business travel will get better – The Business Journals Network
Ever wonder how, or if, business travel will improve in the future? Here are some promising ideas that sound even better than flying cars (and more likely to happen, too!).

Business Meetings at the Airport – Executive Travel Magazine
Have you ever held a meeting at an airport? Some airports are starting to incorporate conference areas for busy travelers.

Transportation nominee Foxx to appear at Senate committee May 22 – Charlotte Observer
Next week Transportation Secretary nominee Anthony Foxx will speak before a Senate committee about his qualifications and his views on transportation policy. Learn a bit more about his background and what he sees for the future of transportation in the U.S.

It’s a Trip: This Week in the Travel Industry – CNBC
Catch up on the latest travel industry trends, including cruise lines in Norway, what passengers are saying about U.S. air travel, and hotel room rates.

New Feature: Weather Links in Confirmation Emails


When you’re traveling for business, checking the weather at your destination is one more detail you have to remember. Unless you’ve booked a ride with BostonCoach. Our ride confirmation emails now include links to current and expected weather conditions for your destination city as well as the location you’re departing from. So you’ll be able to plan better and pack smarter for every part of your trip!



BostonCoach’s Manny Pereira Drives “Everything with Wheels”

MannyPereira Location: Everett

Years of service: 8 years this July

How did you get started with BostonCoach?

I started at BostonCoach as a sedan driver. I came in part-time, then I learned I liked the system so I switched to working here full-time. Then, because I saw the opportunity and I had my CDL (commercial driver’s license), they asked me to start driving buses. Now I drive everything here that has wheels on it.

I’ve been a driver for a long time. I used to work at Hertz Rental and did a little bit of everything there. Then in 1999, I started my own limousine business. I had a friend who was doing really well driving limos so we worked together. After 9/11, business became more difficult and I only operated a few cars. That’s when I switched over to working with BostonCoach. I liked the benefits and better opportunities that were here.

What do you do to make sure every client has a great experience?

I will be on time, of course. I always get in earlier and leave for pick-ups earlier so I can scout out the area, do a dry run, and then I always show up 15 minutes before the pick-up time.

What do you enjoy most about being a chauffeur?

I like that we meet different people and we go to a different place every time. I like the challenge of going to new places. You never go to the same location.

What’s your most memorable experience as a BostonCoach chauffeur?

Just yesterday, I was out driving and I saw another one of our chauffeurs broken down. I recognized the car and pulled over to help him out. He had a flat and I told him what to do, and I also took his passenger and brought him back to his hotel. The customer said, “I’m glad you were here.”

What’s your advice to new chauffeurs/drivers?

Be on time. Come into work a little earlier than your pick-up time, no matter what. You will have to check your car, the oil, etc. This gives you extra time.

Best tip for everyday drivers:

Keep your distance — keep your eye on your surroundings. Don’t tailgate. Just drive slow.

Personal / hobbies:

I like to go camping in the summer. We go to the New York lakes or we go to Pine Acres. I like the great outdoors and seeing nature and what God created and what we came here for. When you’re camping, you’re with your family and you can enjoy time with them. There’s no snow and no cold — just enjoying nature.


BostonCoach Goes to GNED Annual Meeting

IAAP GNED Annual Meeting

Every year, the Greater New England Division (GNED) of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) hosts a conference to promote camaraderie and provide learning, certification and networking opportunities for local administrative professionals. BostonCoach is a proud sponsor of this year’s event. The 2013 IAAP GNED Annual Meeting & Conference has some great activities planned, including amazing speakers, live entertainment, raffles and giveaways, and an opportunity for professionals to connect with others in their field.

The GNED Annual Meeting aligns with IAAP’s core mission, which is to “enhance the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing opportunities for growth through education, community building, and leadership development.”

You can learn more about the GNED conference here, and follow along with conversations about it on GNED’s event Facebook page. We will also be sharing more information about what we have planned for the event here on the blog.