Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

Fridayfinds_luggage tagEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: should you trust an online review, new ways to keep your employees safe, and more.

New Product Monitors Safety Of Employees On The RoadThe Globe And Mail  SafeToGo, a new software from MagnaTech, monitors the safety of employees wherever they travel in the world. Find out what it does and how it can keep your employees safe on the road.

Expedia And Travelocity Join ForcesYahoo  Two of the world’s biggest travel websites have agreed to share information and customers. Read more to see what this means for price-savvy travelers.

Your Basic Guide To Business Travel AbroadForbes  Travel abroad is about more than just making sure you have your passport ready. What about dress code? Social expectations? Bow or handshake? Read more to find out if you are ready to do business overseas.

10 Expert Tips For Leisure And Business TravelForbes  This list offers high-level advice from a veteran business traveler. Want more? Here’s Part 2.

The Quest For An Adequate Business Travel ExperienceEntrepreneur    Some travelers rely heavily on on-line reviews to choose their travel accommodations, but can they be trusted? Find out why this travelers says ‘Definitely!’

BostonCoach Jump-Starts Relaxation On A Puerto Rican Vacation

Puerto RicoSeasoned traveler and travel writer Debbi K. Kickham knows that her vacation starts as soon as she heads to the airport. To get into relaxation mode right away, she booked BostonCoach executive car service to start (and end) her recent adventure in Puerto Rico.  Here’s an excerpt from Debbie’s article in

“One of the absolute smartest things we did on our Puerto Rico trip was to hire BostonCoach. Did you just do a double-take?  BostonCoach in Puerto Rico?  You’ve got that right.  BostonCoach has thousands of vehicles worldwide to provide corporate clients with executive car service. We can’t emphasize enough the safety and security we felt in booking BostonCoach from our Boston-area offices … and in Puerto Rico.  

We were met at the gate at Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz International Airport by Jaime, our BostonCoach chauffeur, who expertly transported us to our various hotels and to the supermarket so we could purchase some goodies. For anyone who has ever traveled, and worried about transportation at their destination, BostonCoach is a lifesaver that you can count on one-thousand percent.”   

Read more at BostonCoach: A Class Act At Home and Abroad.

Debbie K. Kickham is an author, blogger and owner of Maxima Marketing.  Thanks for your traveling with us, Debbie.


Top Picks For U.S. Dining


Finding a great restaurant can be a challenge, especially when you’re traveling to an unfamiliar city. Help is a few keystrokes away at The site lists the top restaurants in the U.S. and Europe based on the opinions of diners, regular people like you and me. You’ll always find a great option no matter where you travel, Birmingham to Berlin, Portland to Paris. So, whether you’re looking to please your own palette, treat a client or impress your boss with your dining advice, check out the picks for 2013 top restaurants.

Travel Tech: Find The Best Deals On Airfare With OnTheFly App


The OnTheFly app allows you to shop for the best airfare deals right from your mobile device. It is free and easy to use for when you need to find the best fares on whichever airline you prefer. The search feature includes customizable details such as departure and arrival windows, nearby airports, and number of allowed stops. Results can be sorted by price, departure time, airline and more.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

suitcase friday findsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: money and tax tips for business travelers, airport libraries and more.

Money Tips For Business TravelersBusiness Travel  Business travel is always evolving and so is the way travelers should handle their funds. Here are a few tips for today’s business traveler.

In Pursuit Of A Comfortable Coach SeatToday  The existence of comfortable seat is coach may be an urban legend. Some insiders are trying to come up with creative ways around space limitations and outdated modeling.

Nothing To Read? Airport Libraries To The RescueUSA Today  Libraries are an airport amenity that most people aren’t aware of. Rather than pay full retail price for a book at an airport vendor, try one of these airports that offer books for free.

Here’s What Business Travel Will Look Like In 2014Fast Company  Find out what experts are predicting in the world of business travel in the coming year.

Are Your Business Travel Expenses Deductible?Find Law  Tips and advice on exactly what is deductible when it comes to business travel spend.

Travel Tech: AroundMe App Helps You Find Whatever You Need

screen568x568screen568x568(1)Traveling in an unfamiliar city? The AroundMe app locates the closest restaurants, hotels, gas stations, pharmacies, you name it. Then the app gives you GPS directions to get you there quickly. The app also allows you to  book a hotel room or find show times at local movie theaters. Functioning in seven languages and available to use on international travel, this free app is the newest travel must-have accessory. 

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: risky Wifi, travel-booking games, fee overload at hotels and more.

The Risk Free Wifi Hotspots Pose To TravelersRelaxNews  It’s not always safe to connect while on the road. Learn how to stay secure while on public Wifi.

Hotel Get Creative To Attract Group BusinessUSA Today  Hotels are learning they need to offer more than coffee and donuts is they want to hang on to their corporate meeting business. Read more to see what they are trying.

Barrage Of Fees Starts To Follow Fliers To The Hotel Today  The hotel industry made $2.1billion in fees last year. Find out what they are charging you for.

The Millenials Have No Patience For Your Corporate Travel Policies Business Week  Some companies are turning travel booking into a game to get their younger employees in line. What do you think?

Elon Musk Details 800-MPH HyperLoopFoxNews  Could magnetic-levitation trains be the new cost-effective, time-saving way to travel? It may be closer to reality than you think.

Travel Tech: The Hotspot Locator App Wi-Fi Finder

wifi finderStaying connected and online while traveling is vital, but finding service isn’t always easy. JiWire Inc offers Wi-Fi Finder– a free app that uses your GPS location to find the closest Wi-Fi hotspots. The app allows users to locate both free and paid wireless service. It can search for specific providers and sort by location type such as restaurants or hotels. Choose the Wi-Fi you want to use and you will be given directions on how to get there.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

Fridayfinds_luggage tagEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: how to skip the lines at the airport, finding the best hotel on your next trip and more. 

The Best Business Hotels Around The WorldNBC News  Find out which hotels cater to the business traveler- from high speed internet to convenient locations, these hotels offer amenities that work for you.

GBTA Study Finds Business Travel Spending To Grow GloballyGlobal Business Travel Association  GBTA predicts how long the current growth trends in business travel will continue and where people and businesses will be spending their money.

Delta Wins Leading Edge Award From Executive Travel MagazineTravelers Today  Who did Delta beat out for this prize and who else grabbed top honors?

Intellectual Property Thieves Targeting Business TravelersBusiness Travel News  Read about how and why competitors and thieves are making easy prey out of business travelers and how much it is costing American businesses.

How To Cut The Airport LineBusiness Week  Is this really the answer to those long lines at security? It’s possible- for some travelers. Find out who and how.

Fun At GBTA Continues!

IMG_1216Fun at the GBTA exhibition continues! Valerie Nyemchek, travel specialist with Scottrade, has some fun at the BostonCoach booth while learning about how to get the best in car service! We’ve still got more Maui Jim sunglasses to give away today so stop by and take our survey for a chance to win!