Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: top event planning tips, finding a friend on your flight and more.

The Future Is Not Necessarily An Open BookBusiness Travel News   The opportunity for travelers to find their own travel bargains may soon outweigh the necessity of sticking to strict company guidelines.

Social SeatingBuying Business Travel   Should airlines use social profiles to seat similar fliers together? Some are trying to make a friendlier flying experience by pairing you up with your idea seat buddy.

Delta Wins Business Travel New Survey For 3rd TimeThe Wall Street Journal  Corporate travel managers weigh in on the best airlines every year and Delta continues to rank highest.

10 Event Planning Pointers: Don’t Overlook These LogisticsPRNewser   Look over these highest priority details to remember when planning your next event.


To All Of Our Friends Stuck At The Airport

travel_insuranceWe are sending good wishes to all of our friends out there on the roads and in the skies today. We hope for safe and speedy travel, but in case you happen to be one of those people on a delayed flight today, click here for a few tips to avoid boredom at the airport.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Travel Tech: MyCityWay


Traveling to a new city, or even an old one, can be frustrating when time is short. The MyCityWay app is a smart city guide that can alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to navigate an unfamiliar place. Personalize your own dashboard to see what matters to you- local traffic or weather, nearby restaurants or pharmacies, gas prices, nightlife, shopping, and more. This smart app learns from you and delivers the information that you are most likely to find useful while traveling. The search function allows easy access to whatever else you may be looking for on your trip. Voted one of the best travel apps by Forbes, MyCityWay is free and available for Windows, iPhone and Android.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_laptopEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: the busiest travel week of the years, bidding for first class and more.

5 Reasons You Should Fly Business Class Instead Of FirstBusiness Insider    Savvy travelers know that first class is the best of the best, but is it worth it? Here are 5 reasons business class is almost as good.

Are Vacation Days A Luxury Or A Right?- NBC News   We wait for them, treasure them and plan their usage carefully- or do we? This study shows that fewer people are using all of their vacation days, and the result is less than positive.

Speaking Out Against Cell Service On PlanesCNN   Not everyone is happy about the FAA leaning towards allowing cell phone service in flight. Read more to see some of the down side of mid-air calls.

Bidding On First ClassNBC News   American Airlines is testing a way to let customers bid on a first class upgrade, letting people offer what they think the seats are worth.

Fewer People Traveling For ThanksgivingCNN   Will the business travel week of the year be slightly better this year? It’s…slightly good news.


Travel Tech: Refresh App – Know Who You Are Meeting

This deal has made my day!Business travel is not only about the destination but who you are meeting when you get there. And there is no better way to equip yourself for a business meeting or a networking event then getting the details about a person beforehand. The Refresh App does the work for you and collects info about your clients or business partners in one readable dossier. This app searches the internet to gather social information, work status, family history and other tidbits about the person you are searching for, arming you with the best fuel for a great conversation or meeting. Currently available and free for iPhone and coming soon for Android.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

Fridayfinds_luggage tagEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: beating jet lag, the TSA’s defense and more.

Airlines Boost On-Time Mark, Complaints DeclineNBC News   The past month has been a good one for plane punctuality. Read more to see what you can expect in the near future.

TSA Defends Behavior Detection ProgramCNN Travel   The TSA weighs in on the hot debate over whether their expensive safety procedures are actually keeping air travel safer.

5 Airport Meals Worth Missing Your Flight ForHuffington Post   Sometimes a really great meal is worth it. These ones come highly recommended.

Outsmart Jet Lag With These Healthy Travel TipsHealth   This blogger offers some simple but proven tips to avoid snoozing through your next business meething when suffering from jet lag.

Digital Bag Tags Could Make Paper Luggage Tags ObsoleteNBC News   It’s the next logical step in a culture that tracks everything- GPS tracking for your luggage. Read more to see soon will it arrive.

Travel Tech: Choosing The Best Travel Rewards Credit Card

Falling credit cardsThe seasoned traveler appreciates the joy of racking up airline miles and reward points on their travel credit card. But not all cards are created equal. Annual fee or no annual fee? Free flights or cash back? MasterCard or American Express? The choices can be overwhelming. One way to wade through all of the advertised hype is This non-affiliated site reviews travel reward credit cards and gives the clear cut statistics on what you get when you apply- including fees for foreign transactions, which airlines you can use your miles on, and the truth about those flashy sign-up bonuses. The site provides links directly to the online applications for most cards, making the process simple once you choose which card is for you. The site is continually updated to reflect the newest deals and promos for different card issuers. It also has recommendations for the best business, hotel, secured, gas and cash-back credit cards.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

suitcase friday findsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: new flight training, travel prep for your smartphone and more.

FAA Overhauls Pilot Training RequirementsNBC News   Several airline related accidents in the recent past have sparked changes in flight training that may make for safer skies.

Will Gadget-Happy Fliers Finally Start Paying for Wi-Fi?BusinessWeek   Now that the FAA is allowing the use of electronics during takeoff and landing, is full-use Wi-Fi next?

How To Prepare Your Smartphone For A TripUSA Today   Your bags are packed, your phone is charged and you are ready to go. Or are you? Find out what you need to know before you travel internationally with your cell phone.

Carry-On Madness Escalates During HolidaysNBC News   There is one on every flight- a carry-on bag that just doesn’t fit. The fight for the overhead bin only gets worse during full holiday flights. Read on to see what you can do to prevent carry-on frustration.

New Airline Seats Still Put The Squeeze On FliersNBC News   Airlines seats are getting smaller and smaller in order to allow airlines to squeeze in extra rows. See how much room you will have to work with on your next flight.

Hacked Online Car Service Not Affiliated With BostonCoach

It’s being widely reported that hackers Broken window
have stolen the credit-card numbers and other personal data of thousands of clients of internet car-service provider Corporatecaronline.

We want to assure our clients that BostonCoach does not have any affiliation with Corporatecaronline, and has never done business with the company.

You should also know that BostonCoach encrypts all credit-card information and does not share that information with third parties, including our network of affiliated car-service providers. We also employ Trustwave, a digital security provider, to test all our systems for susceptibility to attacks and penetration.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: stuck in the TSA PreCheck line, using electronics on your flight, and more.

FAA Green-Lights Gate-To-Gate In-Flight Personal Electronics UseBusiness Travel News  The days of hearing “Please power down all electronic devices” from your flight attendant may be near an end. Find out which airlines are already allowing you to stay powered on.

Southwest Is Slowly Talking Itself Into Being O.K. With Bag FeesBusinessWeek  Southwest hangs their hat on their “Bags Fly Free” mantra, but that perk may soon be changing- and they say it’s what travelers want.

Stuck In Line: TSA PreCheck Expansion Slowing Down Frequent TravelersNBC News   TSA’s PreCheck lines seem to be getting longer as more travelers take advantage of what was supposed to be a time-saver. How are they dealing with delays?

Amex Predicts Large Range Of Changes For 2014 North American AirfaresBusiness Travel News  Rates are changing in both directions depending on how you travel. Read more to find out what you can expect when you book your next flight.

How Technology Is Changing Event PlanningBizCommunity  Frequent advances in technology are keeping event planners on their toes. Find out what attendees are expecting at their next event.