Travel Tech: FoodSpotting App

about-stuff-caseTraveling to a new city? If you want a great meal when you get there, the FoodSpotting app may be able to point you in the right direction. Instead of the typical restaurant reviewing app, FoodSpotting rates individual dishes, allowing users to find the best clam chowder, the tastiest frozen yogurt, the greatest pad thai or whatever else they’re craving. Based on the input of other users, including real photos, FoodSpotting makes it easy to see what other people have tried and loved. Search by type of food, restaurant or user to find exactly what you want and what others are recommending on the app or on the accompanying website,  Free for Android, Windows phone, Blackberry and iPhone.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: the new year brings new airline fees, the best hotels and airlines for business travel and more.

Airlines Say ‘Happy New Year’ With New FeesBusiness Week   The trend of increased airline fees marches on. Read about the newest ones.

5 Business Travel Mistakes That Are Costing You MoneyBusiness Insider   Here are a few simple ways to make sure you aren’t losing money when you travel for business.

The Best Airlines For Business Travelers In 2014Forbes   Changing mileage programs and mergers are changing the airline industry in the coming year.

15 Healthy Tips For International TravelHealth ENews   Traveling overseas can bring unexpected challenges, including risks to your health. Here are a few tips for staying healthy.

World’s Best Hotels 2013Travel + Leisure   The results of T+L’s annual hotel survey are in. Check out which spots grabbed the top rating.


Travel Tech: PointsHound Vs RocketMiles

hotelEvery traveler wants to get the most for their money and their loyalty. Two companies are offering frequent flyer miles in return for using their websites to book your hotel rooms. Both and let travelers rack up miles on various loyalty programs when they book a hotel. Both sites have some limitations in terms of the frequent flyer programs they work with and the choice of hotels in certain cities, but the miles may be worth the effort. Both sites claim that rewards per booking start at 1000+ per night, and go up from there depending on price and length of stay.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_laptopEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: painless flight boarding, using your cell phone abroad, and more.

Delta And JetBlue: No Voice Calls On Our PlanesNBC News   Despite the FCC’s movement towards allowing calls in-flight, some airlines are sticking to the old ways.

Using A Phone Abroad Without Huge FeesWashington Post   Traveling abroad can result in some major fees from your domestic cell provider. Here are some tips to save some cash.

What The Business Travel Community Can Expect To Pay In 2014TNooz   Catch up on the predicted travel expense trends for the coming year.

Take The Pain Out Of Boarding PlanesCNN  Airlines and travelers alike wonder if there is a smarter and more efficient way to get passenger onto a plane.



Boston Travel Alert: Callahan Tunnel To Close

tunnelBoston’s Callahan Tunnel, a major route between Logan Airport  and downtown, will close Dec. 27 for much-needed renovation work. The tunnel will stay closed through March 12.

Travel times are likely to increase significantly within and around the city, so you may need a little more time — and patience — than usual.

If you need to make or modify a reservation, give us a call at 800-672-7676.

Wishing you safe and stress-free travels.

Travel Tech: Find A Hotel Tonight

HT_logo_whiteWhether because of bad weather, a missed flight or an unexpected change of plans, if you travel enough there is a good chance that you will end up stranded somewhere unexpected. When you find yourself needing a hotel room at the last minute, the Hotel Tonight app may be able to help. This app lists available, unsold hotel rooms in dozens of cities worldwide, often times at a discounted rate. Recently updated, the app now begins listing rooms at 9 am for night, meaning you can book earlier and at your convenience. Check out pictures of the properties and lists of amenities as you browse. Free for iPhone and Google play.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

Fridayfinds_luggage tagEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: higher prices across the board, the best new airport features and more.

Best New Airport Amenities In 2013USA Today  Airports are ever adding ways to keep travelers happy and occupied. These are the top improvements are airports in the last year. The best news? Many of them will save you some serious time.

No Myth – Merger Means Higher FaresBusiness Travel News  The news looks bad when it comes to increased prices for the new, expanded American Airlines.

Think You’re Taxed Out? There’s More ComingMeetings Net   Taxes on travel services have been on the rise over the last year and experts say they are only going to get worse.

Higher Security Fees Likely To Boost AirfaresNBC News   A new Congressional deal looks to raise certain fees on airline travel meaning higher ticket prices for travelers.

Letter To A Chauffeur….


BostonCoach chauffeur, Chris DiFlumeri, was touched to get this very thoughtful letter from a young client. It was a good reminder of what a great business we’re in. It gives us the chance to do things like being part of a fun trip for this family. And we’re lucky to have wonderful clients who go out of their way to thank us!

Travel Tech: FlightStats Voted Top Travel App

iStock_000021521541SmallThe readers of Business Traveler magazine have weighed in on their top choice for travel companies and FlightStats has taken home the prize for the best travel app of the year. In one concise app travelers can track the status of their flight, search for the next departing flight from any airport, check for delays, and investigate conditions at the airport of their choice. The accompanying FlightStats website also offers terminal guides complete with lists of amenities and services, global weather trends, airline on-time performance ratings, and more. Together the FlightStats app and website cover pretty much everything you need to know about your flight or airport in order to ensure a smooth trip. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.