11 Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Business trips have plenty of perks, from new travel destinations, expense-account meals and an excuse to get out of the office. But road trips have a common pitfall as well in terms of the poor food choices you may make. If you’re just trying to maintain your healthy habits while you’re on the go, here are some simple tips to keep you feeling great:

1. Look for real food at the airport

2. Stay hydrated

3. Stick to your regular schedule

4. Pack your own food

5. Look for nutrition information

6. Pace yourself at happy hour

7. Customize your meals

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions

9. East breakfast

10. Choose healthy preparation methods

11. Order sauces and dressings “on the side”

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11 Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Business Trip

Travel and expense reporting is entering the digital age in a big way. A business traveler is always on-the-go, and needs a T&E solution that is just as mobile. Expense management solution provider Nexonia is getting on board with the mobile tool trend. Nexonia Expenses mobile app now integrates with Automatic, a car adaptor that syncs up with the vehicle and feeds driver data into a connected Automatic app onto a driver’s smartphone. The partnership, the companies said, mean the mileage data from Automatic will now feed automatically into the Nexonia Expenses app, simplifying traveling employees’ mileage tracking. See more here

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Convenience Trumps Cost for Business Travelers Says Inaugural GBTA Business

Business travelers value convenience over cost savings, according to new research from the GBTA Foundation. According to the first series of reports, U.S. business travelers put a high premium on convenience, particularly when it comes to their flight schedule choices.

The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ in partnership with American Express is a proprietary, data-centered barometer based on business travelers’ attitudes toward five key components of business-related travel:

  • Overall Trip Experience and Travel Friction – Business travelers’ attitudes toward air travel, hotel stays and ground transportation
  • Travel Management Policy Friction – Attitudes toward company travel policy management, flexibility and comprehension
  • Expense Tracking and Management – Satisfaction with business travel expense management and tracking, and using credit or charge cards for business travel
  • Business Travel Safety  Satisfaction with employers’ efforts to keep travelers safe while they’re on the road
  • Social Media Experience – Attitudes toward using social media while traveling for work, including finding or posting reviews of travel suppliers

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Why are some luxury hotels still charging for Wi-Fi?

Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott all began offering free Wi-Fi this year. They began offering free connections to guests if they had a loyalty membership and booked direct. Hyatt tossed in internet for all guests with no extra requirements. So why are some chains still charging- and how much? Take a look here