Improve Your Business Travel with these Simple Steps

Business travel can be hectic. Does your travel schedule have you feeling drained? It doesn’t have to! These tips from CorpTrav below may be for you.

Create a routine. For frequent business travelers, it’s wise to establish and follow habits that will alleviate unnecessary stressors during your travel.

But don’t avoid treating yourself. Sticking to a routine is important, but monotony in all aspects can lead to career burnout. If you have spare time at an airport, see if there is a good place to eat or grab a relaxing spa treatment.

Make life easier for yourself. Make sure you’ve applied for TSA PreCheck. This is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for business travelers. By opting into TSA PreCheck, you’re allowing yourself more time to get through security screenings, faster moving lines due to less restrictions and an overall improved travel experience.

Stay connected. One of the biggest annoyances during corporate travel is not having internet connection when you need it most. Thankfully this is becoming less and less of a phenomenon, in part due to widespread Wi-Fi availability. It may also be worth investing in a device that provides internet for your laptop, tablet or cellphone no matter your location.

Don’t forget your health and wellness. More often than not, your meals are not exactly the healthiest when you’re eating on the run. Consider stocking up on healthy snacks (fruit, yogurt, protein bars, etc.) prior to your travels to help avoid overpriced and unhealthy airport fast food purchases. Also, don’t forget to drink water during your travels as flying can be quite dehydrating. Finally, be sure to get up and move around if your flight is longer than 2 or 3 hours to keep your blood circulating.

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The Newest And Best Apps For The Upcoming Travel Year

Each new year Forbes Travel reappraise their travel and leisure related apps:

Google Flights and SkyScanner offer baselines for the cost of flights, and suggest alternative travel dates to save money. Orbitz and TripAdvisor offer hotel reviews; TripAdvisor also offers travelers’ photos.

TripIt automatically collates essential travel info from confirmation emails into an itinerary to a single address, and a digital itinerary, and alerts you to gate changes. The pro version ($49 a year) includes flight, seat and fare refund alerts and lets you keep track of your rewards points and miles.

Driving? iExit offers the services that are at different U.S. highway exits. Roadtrippers finds U.S. roadside attractions, restaurants and services near your route. And GasBuddy tells you how much different service stations are charging for fuel.

HotelTonight and Roomer help with last-minute lodging decisions and changes. And with currencies fluctuating daily, XE Currency can help monitor your budget, updating in real time, and displaying multiple currencies simultaneously.

Evernote saves travel information as well business memos, and screenshots of maps and mapped directions for offline backup, invaluable if wireless is not around.

Language apps are brilliant aids for global travel. Bravolol offers basic phrases and vocabulary, with English phrases shown in the foreign language and sometimes as a transliteration; and you just tap to hear pronunciation. Languages include Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian and Arabic, and you can divide languages into useful categories such as “driving” and “sightseeing.”

Visual translation service, Waygo, instantly translates Chinese and Japanese characters into English without the need for an internet connection, using a combination of optical character recognition and translation technologies to instantly translate printed text by simply pointing your camera to translate. Great for street signs and menus, for starters.

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GE Moves to Boston: Time for JetBlue to Expand?

Last week, industrial heavyweight General Electric announced that it will move its headquarters from suburban Connecticut to Boston over the next few years. GE will become by far the largest corporation headquartered in Massachusetts.

Attracting such a high-profile corporate relocation was a big coup for Massachusetts and Boston. It could also be the impetus for further expansion by JetBlue Airways , the top airline in Boston.

Boston is a very unusual city in JetBlue’s route network, yet JetBlue is the largest airline in Boston, with roughly 30% market share. JetBlue continues improving its relevance to business travelers in Boston by adding flights to more of the places they need to go.

In competing for corporate travel share with airline heavyweights like Delta, one of JetBlue’s biggest disadvantages is its incomplete route network. There are still a significant number of major U.S. markets where JetBlue has no flights at all, including Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. GE’s relocation to Boston could thus spur further expansion of JetBlue’s route network.

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Aria Resort To Expand Its Convention Space

The Aria Resort & Casino, a hotel part of the CityCenter district on the Las Vegas Strip, will expand its convention space. MGM Resorts will spend $154 million expanding the space to 500,000 square feet from its current 300,000. The new space’s top floor will afford views of the Park and Las Vegas Arena, which are both scheduled to open next year.

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Hotelzon Launches Mobile App

Travelport Hotelzon, provider of a hotel distribution platform, has released a smartphone app for corporate hotel bookings. The app, a mobile version of, is designed for use by travel agents and business travelers. The app features over 250,000 hotels worldwide, both chain and independent properties. It includes privately negotiated corporate rates, traveler profiles and secure booking functionality.

The app features over 250,000 hotels worldwide, both chain and independent properties. It includes privately negotiated corporate rates, traveler profiles and secure booking functionality.

The free app is currently available for download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

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More Than Half of Business Travelers Prefer American Airlines

A recent study of frequent business travelers showed that those who pack their suitcases and fly for work do so often are incredibly loyal to one carrier in particular- American Airlines.

  • The majority of those surveyed travel frequently are largely staying within the United States and are more than familiar with American Airlines.
  • More than half of the respondents reported that American was their favorite domestic carrier, double the number of participants who reported that Delta or United as their preferred carrier.
  • When traveling internationally, American was still the favorite airline, followed by British Airways and Cathay Pacific.
  • The respondents are also packing six-figure mileage balances. Almost 80% of them earned more than 100,000 miles last year, with 15% reporting that they’d picked up more than 500,000 miles during 2015.

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Graph: ExpertFlyer/View From the Wing