New Survey Reveals North American Preferences For Travel to Europe

Results of a new survey conducted by Auto Europe reveal that over 40 percent of North Americans planning to visit Europe in the next 12 months do so as part of an annual trip. Of those planning to rent a car while abroad, 57 percent stated that they typically book their car rental reservation two-plus months in advance and do so because they want the best price and “want to feel relaxed leading up to their trip.”

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New Survey Reveals North American Preferences For Travel to Europe

Fourth of July Travel Set to Break Record With 43 Million on the Move

It’s going to be a busy holiday weekend on the nation’s highways.

A record 43 million Americans are expected to travel this Independence Day weekend, with the overwhelming majority driving, according to AAA, a car lobbying group and one of the nation’s largest travel agencies. This tops the joint record set last year and in 2007.

According to NBC News, lower gas prices, strong consumer confidence and a generally healthy domestic economy have led more families to take trips this summer.

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Airbnb Announced the Launch of a New Tool

Yesterday, Airbnb launched a new feature that allows users of its Airbnb Business Travel platform to book stays on behalf of others within their same company. The new service adds a whole new dimension to the way companies are able to book listings for all their business travel needs.

With the enhancement, travel arrangers, such as travel managers or executive assistants, will appear on a joint reservation where the future guest and both parties will be able to alter the stay as well as communicate with the host. Both the employee who is managing travel and the employee who is taking the trip can see the trip details, make changes to the reservation and message the Airbnb host with questions about the listing or neighborhood.

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10 Most Expensive Business Travel Cities in the U.S.

U.S. business travel is inexpensive compared to the rest of the world, but even a city like Hartford can get costly in a hurry.

London-based firm MVF Global and its U.S. Expert Market team compiled a list of the world’s most expensive cities for business travelers and U.S. cities failed to crack the Top 20. By their measure, only New York ($442.59 per day) and San Francisco ($444.66) cracked the Top 30.

While the average international trip cost U.S. businesses $2,525, the average cost of a domestic business trip in the United States was $990.Even Expert Market revealed that its U.S, team is able to make many more business trips in a year than the company’s staff in European markets, largely because of the lower costs. However, as the Business Travel News corporate travel index reveals, it isn’t exactly cheap to stay in popular U.S. business destinations, either — even when you sub in chain restaurants for pricier fare:

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10. Hartford, Conn.