Airport hotels have become more than a convenient pit stop

Take a look at these impressive airport hotels. Airport hotels have become more than a convenient pit stop. “Airport cities” are developing where airports are no longer simply transit hubs but also shopping, leisure and business destinations.

“In countries other than our own, the airport itself is a destination,” said Rick Garlick, global travel and hospitality practice leader at J.D. Power. “Americans focus on efficiency, and what drives the experience is what requires the least amount of time. In other countries, the airport experience is more than that.”

“We are increasingly witnessing the development of ‘airport cities,’ whereby airports are no longer simply transit hubs but shopping, leisure and business destinations in their own right, and our airport hotels are no different,” McAteer said.

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Delta Private Jets Will Work More Closely with Delta’s Commercial Side

Looking to fly privately? Lucky for you Delta Private Jets is looking to expand its fleet to offer a larger selection of flights.

With an expanding fleet and a relatively new leadership team in place, Delta Private Jets is exploring ways to work more closely with its big commercial sibling, Delta Air Lines, according to Delta Private Jets Executive VP and COO David Sneed. First up is a plan to offer Porsche transfers from the private jet to the commercial plane.

Delta Private Jets launched about three decades ago as Comair Jet Express. Delta renamed it after acquiring Comair at the turn of the century. Recent years have seen “a focused attempt to grow the fleet and build it into a real contender in … business aviation,” said Sneed, a longtime Delta executive who took the lead at the subsidiary about a year and a half ago.

Today, Delta Private Jets counts about 70 aircraft in its fleet and will grow to 80 within a year.

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