The World’s Biggest Passenger Plane

Last week, the Emirates airline showed off its newest plane that will soon begin to service Logan Airport- a massive A380. Massport spent $30 million renovating Terminal E to accommodate it.A private cabin on the upper level.

Made by Airbus, the wide-body A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world, with two levels, semi-private suites, shower spas, and an on-board lounge.

The A380 that’s flying into Boston is currently configured to seat 491 passengers, with 14 private suites, 76 business class seats, and 401 economy seats.

Massport had to add new jet bridges to three gates at Terminal E to accommodate the two tiers of the new A380, which is about 16 feet taller than a 747. The wingspan of the massive aircraft, which can weigh as much as 575 metric tons, is about 262 feet.

Visit The Boston Globe for more here.

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