What’s in Store for the Future of Business Travel?

  1. Flying Cars:  The dream of a future with flying cars is still alive thanks to such innovative companies as Urban Aeronautics, AeroMobil, PAL-V, Moller International and Terrafugia.
  2. Instant translations: Several companies are working on earpieces that will transform the way people think about international business forever. We’re not far from a future when we’ll all be wearing earbuds like these that translate languages in real time.
  3. Charging gadgets through the air: A company called Ossia showcased its latest invention, called the Cota Tile. The Cota Tile is a ceiling tile with a built-in transmitter that can remotely charge smartphones, wearables, laptops and other devices by sending the charge through the air.
  4. Levitating trains: A maglev train is only operational in a few locations worldwide, they’re still futuristic for most business travelers. The fastest maglev train in the world is currently in Japan, and it can travel an astounding 375 mph. It may only be a matter of time before these super-fast trains become the worldwide standard, and business travel will never be the same.
  5. Pressurized tubes: The hyperloop will be a pressurized capsule that gets shot through a steel tube at about 600 mph. Innovators such as SpaceX, Hyperloop Technologies, TransPod and DGWHyperloop are working around the clock to make hyperloop travel a reality.
  6. Robotic luggage: Travelmate Robotics is currently raising Indiegogo money for its robotic suitcase that can be programmed to follow you around.
  7. Self-driving pods: SkyTran, headquartered at the NASA Ames Research Center, has already tested and debuted its futuristic self-driving pods, which hang from a monorail and reach a maximum speed of 155 mph.

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