Travel Alert: Callahan Tunnel Re-opens

tunnelAfter months of being closed, the Callahan Tunnel in Boston has re-opened earlier than expected. The tunnel- a popular route for commuters and airport travelers- has been closed since December, requiring traffic to be redirected off of the highway, adding greatly to travel time in the Boston area. Work on the tunnel is not complete but will be worked on during non-commuting hours and officials say the work will require only minor lane closures.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

Fridayfinds_luggage tagEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: higher prices across the board, the best new airport features and more.

Best New Airport Amenities In 2013USA Today  Airports are ever adding ways to keep travelers happy and occupied. These are the top improvements are airports in the last year. The best news? Many of them will save you some serious time.

No Myth – Merger Means Higher FaresBusiness Travel News  The news looks bad when it comes to increased prices for the new, expanded American Airlines.

Think You’re Taxed Out? There’s More ComingMeetings Net   Taxes on travel services have been on the rise over the last year and experts say they are only going to get worse.

Higher Security Fees Likely To Boost AirfaresNBC News   A new Congressional deal looks to raise certain fees on airline travel meaning higher ticket prices for travelers.

Travel Tech: FlightStats Voted Top Travel App

iStock_000021521541SmallThe readers of Business Traveler magazine have weighed in on their top choice for travel companies and FlightStats has taken home the prize for the best travel app of the year. In one concise app travelers can track the status of their flight, search for the next departing flight from any airport, check for delays, and investigate conditions at the airport of their choice. The accompanying FlightStats website also offers terminal guides complete with lists of amenities and services, global weather trends, airline on-time performance ratings, and more. Together the FlightStats app and website cover pretty much everything you need to know about your flight or airport in order to ensure a smooth trip. Free for iPhone, iPad and Android.

To All Of Our Friends Stuck At The Airport

travel_insuranceWe are sending good wishes to all of our friends out there on the roads and in the skies today. We hope for safe and speedy travel, but in case you happen to be one of those people on a delayed flight today, click here for a few tips to avoid boredom at the airport.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: stuck in the TSA PreCheck line, using electronics on your flight, and more.

FAA Green-Lights Gate-To-Gate In-Flight Personal Electronics UseBusiness Travel News  The days of hearing “Please power down all electronic devices” from your flight attendant may be near an end. Find out which airlines are already allowing you to stay powered on.

Southwest Is Slowly Talking Itself Into Being O.K. With Bag FeesBusinessWeek  Southwest hangs their hat on their “Bags Fly Free” mantra, but that perk may soon be changing- and they say it’s what travelers want.

Stuck In Line: TSA PreCheck Expansion Slowing Down Frequent TravelersNBC News   TSA’s PreCheck lines seem to be getting longer as more travelers take advantage of what was supposed to be a time-saver. How are they dealing with delays?

Amex Predicts Large Range Of Changes For 2014 North American AirfaresBusiness Travel News  Rates are changing in both directions depending on how you travel. Read more to find out what you can expect when you book your next flight.

How Technology Is Changing Event PlanningBizCommunity  Frequent advances in technology are keeping event planners on their toes. Find out what attendees are expecting at their next event.


Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

fridayfinds_newsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: how to get the best airline seat, what the government shutdown means for business travel and more.

How To Get The Best Seat When FlyingFox News  With airlines cutting back on the number of flights they run, planes are getting more and more crowded. This doesn’t mean you are destined to be stuck in the middle seat on every flight. Read these tips on how to get a better seat.

Government Shutdown: Business Travel Is A High Risk Bargaining ChipDigital Journal  The GBTA released a statement on the extent of damage the current government shutdown could cause the business travel industry and the greater US economy.

Event Planning: Why The Learning Experience MattersAssociations Now  Companies may need to go beyond the typical conference education sessions in order to draw crowds. Read more to see what has worked for some forward-thinking meeting planners.

Research: Budgets Will Remain Tight In 2014Successful Meetings  Cost seems to be the biggest concern for travel planners in the coming year. Find out what effect the economy is likely to have on travel spend.

A Little More Legroom, Priced As An UpgradeNYTimes  As airlines looks for new and creative ways to charge fees in order to increase revenue, they still turn to an old favorite- a better seat for a higher price. This travel expert believes you can still find better seats without paying more.

Changes At Logan Terminal B- Pickup Instructions

Effective today, Thursday, September 12, the pickup instructions will change for BostonCoach passengers arriving at Logan Airport Terminal B on American Airlines and US Air flights:  

American Airlines:  To meet your chauffeur, depart door B113 on the arrivals level and follow the pedestrian crosswalk into the parking garage, where your chauffeur will be waiting for you.

US Air: To meet your chauffeur, depart door B101 on the arrivals level and follow the pedestrian crosswalk into the parking garage, where your chauffeur will be waiting for you.

Please be sure to review the pickup instructions provided in your reservation confirmations, as they will be updated to reflect this change. You can review pickup instructions in advance here.

If you wish to modify existing BostonCoach reservations, please call 800-672-7676.

Travel Tech: Beat Jet Lag with JetLag Genie

app_screenshotNothing is worse for a busy business traveler than landing at a destination exhausted and out of sync. JetLag Genie is the app that helps travelers beat jet lag so they can arrive alert and at their best. Simply input flight times, destinations and other travel specifics and Jet Lag Genie will provide a detailed schedule to follow before, during and after your flight, designed to decrease the tiring effects of travel across time zones. The app is available for iPhone.

Travel Tech: Find The Best Deals On Airfare With OnTheFly App


The OnTheFly app allows you to shop for the best airfare deals right from your mobile device. It is free and easy to use for when you need to find the best fares on whichever airline you prefer. The search feature includes customizable details such as departure and arrival windows, nearby airports, and number of allowed stops. Results can be sorted by price, departure time, airline and more.

Friday Finds: The Best Business Travel News Of The Week

suitcase friday findsEvery week BostonCoach scours the web for the best business travel tips and news of the week. In this edition: money and tax tips for business travelers, airport libraries and more.

Money Tips For Business TravelersBusiness Travel  Business travel is always evolving and so is the way travelers should handle their funds. Here are a few tips for today’s business traveler.

In Pursuit Of A Comfortable Coach SeatToday  The existence of comfortable seat is coach may be an urban legend. Some insiders are trying to come up with creative ways around space limitations and outdated modeling.

Nothing To Read? Airport Libraries To The RescueUSA Today  Libraries are an airport amenity that most people aren’t aware of. Rather than pay full retail price for a book at an airport vendor, try one of these airports that offer books for free.

Here’s What Business Travel Will Look Like In 2014Fast Company  Find out what experts are predicting in the world of business travel in the coming year.

Are Your Business Travel Expenses Deductible?Find Law  Tips and advice on exactly what is deductible when it comes to business travel spend.