BostonCoach’s Business & Holiday Travel Guide To New York City [Infographic]

If the Big Apple is on your itinerary, be sure to check out the new Business & Holiday Travel Guide to New York City from BostonCoach. It can help you decide which hotel to stay at, what weather to pack for, and which restaurants are best for a quick bite or a client dinner. You’ll also find travel times to and from the airport plus creative ideas on how to spend your downtime, whether you’re in the mood for a Broadway show, a breathtaking view, a world-famous museum or a shopping marathon.


BostonCoach’s New Business Travel Guide To Paris [Infographic]

If the City of Light is on your itinerary, be sure to check out the New Business Travel Guide to Paris from BostonCoach. Get great tips on where to stay, what weather to pack for, and what restaurants best suit your style, schedule and budget. You’ll also find travel times to and from the airport plus creative ideas on how to spend your downtime, whether you’re in the mood for great art, the great outdoors, a show or designer shopping.


BostonCoach’s New Business Travel Guide To Philadelphia [Infographic]

Business in Philly? Before you take off, take a look at BostonCoach’s new Business Travel Guide to Philadelphia. It’ll help you decide which hotels best suit your style and your schedule. You’ll also see which restaurants make sense for your taste, budget and agenda. The guide has some great ideas for downtime activities too, whether you’re an art lover, a shopper or a history buff. And it tells you how much time you’ll need to allow when traveling to a meeting or to the airport to fly home.


New Business Travel Guide to Toronto by BostonCoach [Infographic]

When your travel plans steer you to Canada’s biggest city, be prepared with BostonCoach’s new Business Travel Guide to Toronto. The infographic is full of tips on where to stay, where to eat, travel time to and from the airport, as well as some terrific ideas on shopping and other things to see and do during your free time in Toronto.

Toronto Infographic

Travel Tech: Trip Planning with TripSuite

screen568x568TripSuite outdoes many other travel apps by rolling multiple functions into one place. It includes City Maps and Walks, MyCityCuisine, MyCityGiftShopping, MyCityAntiquing, Trip Planner, and Hotel GPS, meaning users can find and enjoy tours, dining, shopping and accommodations in hundreds of cities around the world. Download a city guide once and continue to access it during your trip even when there is no cell phone or Wi-Fi signal. Create custom tours, explore the city in your own time, try the best local food, find souvenirs that will help you bring your trip home, and more with the TripSuite app. Try it on iPhone for free.

Travel Tech: Gogobot Travel App

-Postcard_of_San_Diego-20000000006027528-500x375If you have caught the travel bug, Gogobot is worth a try. This app is overloaded with fun and smart features that everyone, from the seasoned business traveler to a family ready for vacation, will find helpful. Start by searching your desired destination. Check out places to eat, things to do, places to stay, kids activities, sites and tours, spas and salons, places to shop and more. You can even search for the nearest place to get a good cup of coffee. From there, users can create a personal profile, plan their whole itinerary and then share it on social media or with friends and family. Looking for somewhere new to go? Try the feed feature where users post pictures and notes about where they are traveling. Or join one (or many!) of the travel tribes- Adventure Travelers, Green Travelers, History Buffs, Luxury Travelers, Nightlife Lovers and even Vegetarians to see where like-minded travelers are going. Users can share their trip notes, create postcards with their photos, add recommendations and reviews and invite friends to join. Planning a group trip? Sign up your friends and share plans and ideas to get everyone on board. Check out to read their blog, enter travel contests and more. This app is brimming with great things to try. Free for iOS and Google Play.

Travel Tech: MyCityWay


Traveling to a new city, or even an old one, can be frustrating when time is short. The MyCityWay app is a smart city guide that can alleviate some of the stress that comes with trying to navigate an unfamiliar place. Personalize your own dashboard to see what matters to you- local traffic or weather, nearby restaurants or pharmacies, gas prices, nightlife, shopping, and more. This smart app learns from you and delivers the information that you are most likely to find useful while traveling. The search function allows easy access to whatever else you may be looking for on your trip. Voted one of the best travel apps by Forbes, MyCityWay is free and available for Windows, iPhone and Android.

Travel Tech: Find.Eat.Drink.

screen568x568Find.Eat.Drink. gives you the inside edge when you are looking for a truly fantastic meal. This Fodor’s recommended app and accompanying website is built of reviews and suggestions from restaurant insiders- chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers and more. Users can search based on zip code, current location or destination city to find the best places to eat, recommended by the people who know food best. The app includes reviews of more than 3,000 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in 150 cities. The website offers articles covering what’s happening in the restaurant field and giving advice and tips from industry experts and a bi-weekly email newsletter for up-to-date food news. This free app is currently available for iPhone.

New Business Travel Guide to Chicago [Infographic]

Do you travel to Chicago? Plan to in the future? Click below to for our tried-and-true tips on where to stay, what to pack, travel time to and from the airport, and more. We’ll also give you some great ideas on making the most of your downtime in the city.

BostonCoach Chicago Infographic

New Business Travel Guide to San Diego by BostonCoach [Infographic]

Heading to San Diego for GBTA 2013? Planning to travel there in the future? Be sure to check out the new BostonCoach Business Travel Guide to San Diego for some tried-and-true recommendations on where to stay, what weather to pack for, and places to explore. You’ll also find typical travel times for routes to and from the airport and other frequently requested destinations.

If you are going to GBTA, be sure to stop by booth 237 — we have some fun activities planned throughout the show. We hope to see you there!

San Diego Business Travel Guide by BostonCoach