9 Questions You Should Ask Before You Book Car Service

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy to remind us of what’s really important, and why we’ve set some of the goals and priorities we have. The recent limousine fire in San Francisco is an example of such a tragedy, one that hits close to home for us at BostonCoach. Our thoughts go out to all of those involved.

Whether you’re looking for an airport transfer, event transportation or car service for a single executive, safety should be your foremost concern. We want you to know that it’s ours, too. To help consumers choose car-service providers who emphasize safety, we’ve compiled a list of questions we think every customer should ask before they book car service.

We hope that by sharing these tips, we can help empower customers to expect, and receive, more from their ground transportation provider.

Here are 9 Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Car Service: