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BostonCoach chauffeur, Chris DiFlumeri, was touched to get this very thoughtful letter from a young client. It was a good reminder of what a great business we’re in. It gives us the chance to do things like being part of a fun trip for this family. And we’re lucky to have wonderful clients who go out of their way to thank us!

BostonCoach Jump-Starts Relaxation On A Puerto Rican Vacation

Puerto RicoSeasoned traveler and travel writer Debbi K. Kickham knows that her vacation starts as soon as she heads to the airport. To get into relaxation mode right away, she booked BostonCoach executive car service to start (and end) her recent adventure in Puerto Rico.  Here’s an excerpt from Debbie’s article in ExecDigital.com.

“One of the absolute smartest things we did on our Puerto Rico trip was to hire BostonCoach. Did you just do a double-take?  BostonCoach in Puerto Rico?  You’ve got that right.  BostonCoach has thousands of vehicles worldwide to provide corporate clients with executive car service. We can’t emphasize enough the safety and security we felt in booking BostonCoach from our Boston-area offices … and in Puerto Rico.  

We were met at the gate at Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz International Airport by Jaime, our BostonCoach chauffeur, who expertly transported us to our various hotels and to the supermarket so we could purchase some goodies. For anyone who has ever traveled, and worried about transportation at their destination, BostonCoach is a lifesaver that you can count on one-thousand percent.”   

Read more at BostonCoach: A Class Act At Home and Abroad.

Debbie K. Kickham is an author, blogger and owner of Maxima Marketing.  Thanks for your traveling with us, Debbie.


“BostonCoach Made Me Look Pretty Good Last Night”

iStock_000019062287SmallNo matter how carefully you plan, some things are just beyond your control. Weather can derail even the most proactive and prepared travel arranger. To avoid disaster, you have to have a contingency plan in place and a reliable vendor to partner with.

BostonCoach and Philip were there for Kelly, an executive assistant for a senior-level executive:

I have to send a HUGE thank you to your team for your excellent service last night. I called during a snowstorm needing to cancel two sedan pick-ups due to a private aircraft getting rerouted. I asked BostonCoach to find me three SUVs and get to a completely different airport to meet the passengers upon arrival. The passengers gave me a 25-minute heads up that they were landing. 

Your agent, Philip, was amazing. We were able to get two SUVs and one sedan there within 15 minutes of the passengers arriving. All worked out in the end, and I just wanted to say thank you! On top of it all, I had very limited information on where the plane was landing – what FBO, tail number, etc. Boston Coach connected me with the drivers so I was able to confirm that my VIP passengers were safely in their vehicles.

Boston Coach made me look pretty good last night. Once again, thank you!

Going the extra mile for our customers is an everyday occurrence for the BostonCoach reservation team, and Philip is no exception. We pride ourselves on getting our customers the service they need no matter what it takes.

BostonCoach Chauffeur Gets Traveler Home Safe Despite “Horrific” Road Conditions

iStock_000017930197SmallThere’s nothing worse than flying home from a business trip during a nasty snowstorm. Unless, of course, you have to drive in it. One passenger left it up to BostonCoach to get her home safely:

 My driver was Melvin according to the email I received.  He was waiting for me when my plane arrived late approximately 1:20 AM in the last snowstorm.  He was cheerful and confident despite the horrific road conditions.  I have rarely ridden home in such bad conditions as the roads in many areas were not plowed – he was a wonderful driver and I wasn’t worried for my safety as a result.  I was exhausted from a long business trip, and he made the last leg home a much better experience. He actually managed to make me smile several times – and I had been traveling for 12 hours. 

All BostonCoach chauffeurs are trained to handle the most severe driving conditions, and pride themselves on providing safe, reliable transportation when customers need it most.

BostonCoach Gets Luxury Vacation Off To A Smooth Start

headshot[1]Travel writers Debbi K. Kickham and William D. Kickham, Esq. recently embarked on an 18-day cruise on the incomparable Seabourn Quest. To ensure smooth sailing from beginning to end, they chose BostonCoach for their transportation to and from the airport. They shared their experience with Exec Digital:

Taken From “The 10 Commandments to Make Your Seabourn Cruise Even More Fun”

“[BostonCoach] actually can turn a mundane trip into one that you won’t forget. Chauffeurs must undergo thorough background checks and safety training, so you can sit back, know that you’re in safe hands, enjoy the ride, and forget about everything else. This experience is not some “taxi ride” by some company you’ve never heard of, where you pray they will remember to pick you up.

Another reason why you’ll be so delighted? Confirmation communications — emails — are sent out immediately after you book, and you receive them within minutes. A second confirmation email is sent to you 24 hours before your trip. Yet one more is sent to you 20 minutes before you are picked up. These special communications eliminate any anxiety, trepidation or fear you have about your trip — always a major factor with the stress that everyone feels traveling these days.

Thanks to Debbi and William for their kind words. We hope you remember BostonCoach for your next idyllic vacation!

How BostonCoach Went The Extra Mile For A Marriage Proposal (PHOTO)

Proposal photo 2Being Valentines Day and all, here is a tale about love…..

While BostonCoach may not specialize in weddings, proposals are a different story.

Just ask Joe Shipbaugh, who recently became engaged with a little help from our Fleet Control team and chauffeur Lou Joseph.

According to Mr. Shipbaugh, the groom-to-be:

“When I had the idea to propose to Marisa this way I was unsure if there was a company willing to go the extra mile, much less pull off what we think was the most perfect proposal/engagement.”

“BostonCoach was top-notch from the planning process to the execution. Lou Joseph went above and beyond anything we could have anticipated. I was worried because the weather was bad and our flight was delayed, but Mr. Joseph just took the additional time to gather a crowd for the proposal.We couldn’t have had a more welcoming audience when we arrived to Boston. Thank you Lou and BostonCoach!”

At BostonCoach, love conquers all — even inclement weather.

BostonCoach A “Lifesaver” For Senior Healthcare Executive

Between the mist and the snowOn a trip home from Ft. Lauderdale, one executive’s flight from Philadelphia to Burlington, Vermont was cancelled due to heavy fog. After exploring several different options, none of which got her home in time for an important meeting the next morning, she decided to fly to Boston and use BostonCoach for the trip home.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“My chauffeur, Melvin, was amazing! I called BostonCoach at the last minute when a cancelled flight and bad weather diverted me to Boston at 11 p.m. Melvin drove me to Montpelier, Vermont through terrible fog, arriving just before 3 a.m. He was courteous, gracious, thoughtful and an all-around lovely person. His driving and attention to safety were also impeccable. I cannot tell you how grateful I was to have this service. Being able to relax and occasionally doze off a little rather than having to drive all those hours was a lifesaver. And when I did get home, I was able to get a few hours of sleep before having to get up for my meeting.”

Melvin, like all BostonCoach chauffeurs, is trained to handle the most severe driving conditions, and prides himself on providing safe, reliable transportation when customers need it most.

“Had I driven myself,” the client continues, “I wouldn’t have gotten any rest at all, and it would have been very difficult to make my meeting. It was also lovely to have had the pleasure of Melvin’s company. He is a great asset to your company.”